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Are you currently booking new clients?

Most often, the answer is YES!  Take a look at our service offerings for branding, web design, and marketing and then fill out the contact form at left and let's chat. 

What's the investment?

We realize this was probably the FIRST question on your mind as you started scoping out our site.  And the answer isn't quite black and white... We pride ourselves on being able to work with *most* budgets and have created what we think is a very affordable range of services and options.  There are also brownie points (and savings!) to be had by packaging items together across our service options.  The sky is the limit!

Why squarespace?

We've designed sites using blogger, wordpress, joomla, and Squarespace - there's a lot to choose from out there in the wild, wild web.  What we've found though is that the average small business owner doesn't want to pay someone to manage their site and make small adjustments on a regular basis.  With just a few tips and tools, Squarespace is the perfect platform for putting YOU in the drivers seat of your online presence.  Plus, it looks pretty. And that always helps. 

do you take photos?

We firmly believe that we can't possibly be good at everything, and photography isn't one of our focus areas at present. However, depending on the scope of your project, we're happy to recommend a photographer for you to outsource these elements. And good for you for understanding that great photography does amazing things for your brand image! 


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