branding and website design for Kindly Kentucky

I was truly excited to work with Laura and Sarah on a new concept for their blog, Kindly Kentucky. These girls have such style, and I knew they'd want me to reflect their classiness, fun, and energy into whatever branding elements and website we created.  We talked very early on in the process about what set them apart from other personal blogs, what they'd like to avoid, and how we could best relay a vibrant and quirky aesthetic to visitors at their site.  I'm truly excited to add Kindly Kentucky to the Redbud Creative portfolio and share Laura and Sarah's new site with the world.  

KindlyKentuckyBrandBoard -

Laura and Sarah's website is focused primarily on their blog, where they offer various different points of entry like recipes, hosting tips, weekend plans, and lots of other fun "southern girl" flair, so I knew early on that these categories would be a key focus of their new design. Their ultimate goal was simple:  "Deliver a fresh and quirky perspective of the Commonwealth to a loyal set of readers."  With that in mind, we began by choosing colors based on a Pinterest board of images the girls created for me.  


After we narrowed down a color palette, I got to work on logos.  Keeping their key terms (classic, vibrant, fresh, fun, and quirky) in mind.  It helped that I know Sarah and Laura are adventurous and outgoing, and that whatever logo they choose needed to also reflect that image. Logos are one of my favorite things to design and I honestly could have done 40 variations on a theme here, but these are the four I gave them as a starting point: 


With the very clear directive that Laura and Sarah did NOT want just another Kentucky state outline as their logo, I had a lot of fun using different "southern" style elements, fonts, and icons to come up with these options.  They selected my favorite, number 1! And also expressed that they really loved the little pineapple, so when I began creating secondary marks for various other purposes, I want to be sure to incorporate that again.  I hope you'll jump over to their new site,, and check out all that they have to offer!  I think you'll be hooked! 


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